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    Crystal Liu


    • Recruits, screens, identifies, contacts, and interviews participants to obtain data for assigned research projects.
    • Interviews may be conducted in person, in a clinical setting, the subject’s residence, or by telephone.
    • Coordinates the data collection process.
    • May abstract data from the participant’s medical record.
    • Schedules appointments, obtains consent forms, explains the study to the participant and collects data.
    • May observe participants and record results of observation through written documentation or video recording.
    • Edits completed questionnaires for completeness, legibility and accuracy.
    • Follows up with participants to obtain missing data or clarify existing data.
    • Designs forms, worksheets and study questionnaires. May code and enter data into a database.
    • Compiles data and produces reports to be used for analysis of research findings.
    • May monitor blood pressure and heart rate and may take vital signs and height/weight measurements.
    • May collect blood, saliva, or urine samples from participants and prepare them for laboratory testing.
    • Provides direction to others engaged in the interviewing process.
    • Performs related responsibilities as required.
    • Identifies, contacts, corresponds with and interviews research study participants, either in person, in a clinical setting, or by Zoom, or by telephone to obtain data for an assigned research project.
    • Collects, codes and enters study information into database and may assist in data compilation.
    • Edits completed interview questionnaires for completeness, legibility, and accuracy.
    • Obtains missing or questionable data.
    • Performs related approved non-clinical responsibilities as required.

    • An undergraduate B.A. or B.S. degree earned by May 2022.
    • One year of administrative support, or research interview staff experience while a student.
    • Data entry experience.
    • Positions are for one year, beginning in May/June 2022, and may be renewed on annual basis for up to two years.

    Interested parties should contact:
    W. Edward Craighead, PhD, ABPP

    Crystal Liu

    We are no longer accepting applications for this position (3/23/22).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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