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    Kymberly Young

    The Biological Affect Modulation (BAM) lab is devoted to understanding onset and recovery from emotional disorders, such as depression and anxiety, with a specific focus on developing new neuroscience-derived behavioral treatments, including real-time fMRI neurofeedback. Using behavioral, physiological (EEG, galvanic skin response, heart rate, respiration), and functional imaging methods we seek to understand the physiological mechanisms of emotional information and autobiographical memory processing with the goal of developing techniques that allow individuals to modify these mechanisms directly (via real-time fMRI neurofeedback, for example). The BAM lab is seeking a full time Research Specialist.

    Recruiting, screening, scheduling, and running subjects for fMRI and EEG experiments.
    Preparing fMRI data for analysis, preprocessing EEG data
    Maintaining data files and analyzing data using PC and UNIX software (MATLAB & AFNI).
    Collaborate with senior research personnel regarding recruitment, data collection, outcomes of interviews, reports according to the needs of the study.

    Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in Psychology, Neuroscience, Sociology, or related research field.
    Minimum of one year of work experience in a research project and/or related clinical setting is required.
    Familiarity with computers and common software packages required.
    Experience with MATLAB preferred.
    Computer skills in data management, statistical analysis programs, or programming preferred.
    Previous data collection experience with fMRI and/or EEG preferred.
    Working knowledge of research methodology strongly

    Please email your CV to Dr. Young at or apply at


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