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    Submitter Name: Biobehavioral_Lab
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    The Biobehavioral Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychiatry conducts studies examining the effects of maternal and child environmental exposures (e.g., stress/trauma, chemicals/toxins, caregiving quality) on young children’s developmental outcomes (e.g., stress physiology, mental health, neurodevelopment, physical health outcomes). Current projects involve follow-up of a cohort of mothers recruited in pregnancy and their children for assessments when the children are between 5 and 12 years of age. Assessments involve collection of a range of data, including maternal interviews, maternal-child interactions, child behavioral tasks, neurodevelopmental measures, biospecimens, stress physiology, and anthropometry. Research activities include recruiting and consenting participants and scheduling study visits; executing study visits remotely and in the home and the laboratory, including administering and scoring behavioral and psychological assessments using standardized tests and questionnaires; collecting and managing biospecimens and physiological and behavioral data; data management; preparing/updating documentation for ensuring study quality (e.g., procedural manuals) and dissemination of findings (e.g., assistance with poster presentations, manuscripts). The position requires a valid driver’s license (car not required) and flexible schedule to allow for some evening/weekend visits. Fluency in both English and Spanish is a plus.

    Minimum Requirements:
    1. Bachelor’s degree in an appropriately related discipline.
    2. Sensitivity in working with multicultural populations, traumatized women, and young children.
    3. Valid driver’s license required to travel to participants’ homes when needed. Personal car is not required.
    4. Flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends. Hours will be adjusted to maximize recruitment and interviewing schedules.
    5. Fluency in both English and Spanish is a plus.
    6. Phlebotomy experience is a plus. Willingness to be trained in phlebotomy if no prior training.
    7. High attention to detail and organizational skills, ability to multi-task, analytical skills to gather and interpret data in which the information or problems are moderately complex to complex.
    8. Well-developed communication skills in order to provide critical information to participants, work collaboratively on a team, effectively deal with conflicting views or issues, and mediate fair solutions.
    9. Knowledge of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and SPSS or SAS is a plus.

    To apply:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Search Jobs”
    3. In “Search job opportunities that match your interests,” enter “57445BR” (BA degree in relevant area) or “57453BR” (BA degree in relevant area + at least one year of relevant job experience)

    Please also email your cover letter and CV to

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