Application Tools

Selecting Programs

Many students would like to know which are the “top” clinical programs. However, this is not really possible to determine in a valid and meaningful way. Note that students typically are admitted not only into a graduate program, but also to work with a specific mentor. Thus, the question of graduate program rankings is somewhat irrelevant. Note also that programs each offer training in specific areas of clinical psychology, rendering an omnibus ranking of doctoral programs a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Nevertheless, there are several metrics that applicants should keep in mind when selecting a graduate program.

• Are graduate programs are generally successful in placing their students into accredited predoctoral internships? See match rates by program here.

• Do students from different types of programs have different rates of passing the national licensing exam (called the EPPP)? See EPPP pass rates by program here.

Scheduling Interviews

A calendar of application deadlines, interview notification dates, and interview dates for most CUDCP programs is now available!