Post-Baccalaureate Positions

Students: if you're looking for post-baccalaureate research experience, please search through the postings below. If you find a good fit, contact the job poster by the means indicated in their post. CUDCP does not manage any part of this process. Note: under "Options" (just above the box listing postings), you may Subscribe by email to be notified of new postings.

Job posters: please be sure to include all relevant info in your post. If you would like guidance in posting, please follow these steps:

1. Create an account
In the area immediately below these numbered steps, you will see a link to Register at the top right. Click it. You will then be prompted to fill out a form. For User Name, we recommend the name of your institution or program. For Email, use a valid address where you can receive a confirmation email. Password can be anything (if you forget it, you can have a new one sent to the email address you provided – click the "Login" link and then the "Forgot your password?" link). Don't forget to click the Terms of Use checkbox! Below that you will see a gray image with numbers and letters – enter these into the adjacent box to prove you are not a robot. Then click Register Now. Next, check your email, open the message from Nabble, and click on the confirmation link provided. This will take you to a confirmation page – this is just verifying that registration succeeded, and you should close this page once you see it. Return to this Post-Baccalaureate Positions page and refresh it (using your browser Refresh button or by clicking here).

2. Login
In the area immediately below these numbered steps, look at the top right next to "Refresh" and "Permalink". If you see your username there, you are already logged in! Skip to the next step. If instead you see "Login" and "Register", click Login. You will then be prompted to enter your Email (the one you registered with) and Password. Then click the gray Login button below and you'll be logged in and brought back to the list of postings.

3. Post the ad for your position
Below, you will see a big box containing all the postings, with a top gray bar that says "Topics...". Just above this, on the left, you will see a New Topic link. Click on this, and you'll be given some empty boxes in which to enter your Subject (position title) and Message (the posting itself). Please include all relevant info in the Message – location, duration, responsibilities, and how applicants can contact you. (Ignore the "Alert me when someone posts" checkbox below; respondents cannot post, so checking this will do nothing.) When you are done, you may click the gray Preview Message button below to preview how your post will look (it will appear just above the Subject), and the Post Message button when you're satisfied that your text is final.

4. If you need to edit or delete a post that you have made
Click on the name of your post where it appears in the list of Topics. When you see the full text of your post appear, look just above it – at the right, you will see "Reply", "Threaded" and "More". Click More – you can then click on Edit post or Delete this post to do whichever you prefer.

Post-bacc RA Opportunities